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The contact center/call center: solution allowing to increase the quality of communications with customer with important rate, increases the probability of purchase the products, services and increases the image of concrete company meaningly. It´s basis for building the database of information about customer and common interoperation or solutions of CRM.
By technological side the contact center is not just the simple access information path for customer, who informs in one telephone number, contact center becomes the opened interface for all types of communications - post office, telephone, fax, e-mail, messages, web, video and so on. The modern contact centers are built like MULTIMEDIA, to which is needed to be adapted not just technological parts of existing system, but the processes and organization of company by herself.

TECHNISERV, Ltd., is important historical player in area of building and service of contact centers in Slovak market. Company has the world-wide leaders in area of contact centers in her portfolio of solutions and call centers, of evidence is the position in Gartner Magic Quadrant/2007 too.

TECHNISERV, Ltd., insures not just the very installation, implementation and service of concrete conditions in area of contact centers, but her important added value is guidance in area of very management of contact centre, raising the productivity and effects the contact centre and control the human resources.

TECHNISERV, Ltd. is authorized partner of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, which is the world-wide leader in area of software solutions of contact centers, call centers. Solutions of Genesys company fully cover the requirements for modern, multimedia contact centers. Solutions are used with multinational companies, what proves, that the product´s portfolio is hard oriented for stability, safety and is fully integrated with others components of telecommunication network with continuity to CRM solutions. The software solutions cover the requirements for tools enables to planning the human resources either, tools enables detailed reporting of processes the contact centre. Portfolio of solutions from the view of scalable capacity, what allows to usage the Genesys technology for any of custom segment, whether to deal about small, middle or big company.


TECHNISERV, Ltd., is authorized partner of AVAYA company, which is one of leaders in solving of modern, multimedia contact centers, call centers. Portfolio is complex unit namely considering to world-wide status of Avaya company in area of IP telephony and her historical orientation for solving the telephone central Office and IVR systems too. The contact centers is possible to find in the world-wide important companies in technology of Avaya company, but in companies of smaller area too, what proves the reality of scalable maximum of existing system. The part of solving are the tools allowing the reporting processes of contact center, applications allowing to usage the Voice Portal solutions of standard IVR and SW components allowing the integration to the CRM solutions of existing company.

One of the important solutions of Avaya company is recording system of Witness Systems company. Solution covers all requirements of customers, from middle to higher segments, what is allowed with scalable of existing solution. Unification, simplicity of installation and standard IT platform, is guarantee of high stability and reliability of Witness system.


TECHNISERV, Ltd. solves the products of NICE Systems, which is the world-wide leader in area of recording communications, for example in contact centers. Solutions of NICE company allows to record the audio, or picture form of communication too, single application modules covers the requirements for qualified reporting, markedly support so-called Quality Management, oriented for allocation of selected criteria and following valuation the quality of communication. System NICE has been used in the eminent world-wide companies, conception guarantees the high stability of solution, modulating and high rate of security.

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