IP Telephony

Telephony based on protocol IP, marked as VoIP too, is important not just for companies and new category of VoIP operators, but for alternative providers high-speed connections to internet too. It´s more important for companies, because it makes possible to reach considerable savings for common carrier services.
IP telephony uses the existing common carrier infrastructure of specific company, fully supply the current telephony plus brings further advantages with utilization of reliable common carrier standards, with possibilities of system´s report of current network tools and components.
Logic and function of routing calls insure the central office, which can secure the routing of other types of interactions too in IP telephony area, for example the picture. Terminal equipment increases the customer comfort with important measure, for example transformation of other output of firm applications, like can be the telephone directory, directory and so on.
The important aim of building the IP telephony is long-run maximum protection of investment charges.

TECHNISERV, Ltd., is important historical player on the market in this area, by formation the company this area has been already the priority, position of company increases henceforth either, what has been confirmed with increasing numbers of customers, whose the TECHNISERV, Ltd. systems of IP telephony integrate, implementation and provide the utility services consistently.


TECHNISERV, Ltd. is authorized partner of AVAYA, which belongs to world-wide leaders (see Gartner Magic Quadrant/2006) in resolution of IP Telephony, contact centers and Unified Communications. The product portfolio of company covers the resolutions of IP Telephony complex and make possible to provide the overtime communications services and functions to the customers, with important scale the protection of investment and high measure of security and responsibility of resolutions.

TECHNISERV, Ltd. is authorized partner of AudioCodes, the solutions provide wide spectrum of complex and flexible technologies to the customers for communications ports of Media Gateway. The AudioCodes has the leading situation on the market in section of voice compression, between the products belong the systems of Media Gateway and platforms for Media Servers.


TECHNISERV, Ltd. has been concerned with implementation and utility function of technological components of Aastra Technologies Ltd, concrete of NeXpan systems, which are the most modern platform of given producer. NeXpan is important technological system, primary in area of business communication



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