By outsourcing it goes about using the foreign resources for achievement own aims of company. Company doesn´t have to spend the resources for purchase of material, and at the same time can use it fully. Doesn´t need to invest to education or holding the level of specialists, are available at need at the same time. If the claims increases or degreases to technical, or personal resources, the company doesn´t need to look for additional resources immediately, or solve the problem, what with redundant capacities. All responsibilities, property, coupled economic risks with that, human resources and related agenda to this, provider is responsible for all this outsourcing services.

TECHNISERV, Ltd. provides the utility of outsourcing to customers in areas concerning the portfolio of products, services, technical specialists and consultants.

Sufficient financial resources make possible to offer the outsourcing and technological units to the customers, those value can be regarded like very high.

Real experiences with given service by eminent customers make possible to effective set up and define the outsourcing conditions and standards, can prove to the customers to markedly save the financial resources and provide them quality and certain technological service.


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