Laboratories, Centres of Excellence

We provide complex solutions for delivery, realization and implementation of technical and developing laboratories and Centres of excellence.
We provide for our customers a complex service, starting with project design, preparation of the project, construction, engineering and equipment of laboratory:

Our prospecting and realization teams guarantee the systems integration of technically challenging and time consuming investment projects. With the obvious collaboration of other departments in the company we incorporate all technological aspects of the project.

Within these arrangements we provide complex solutions for laboratories and Centres of Excellence such as:

Technological laboratories:
We offer solutions for complex realization and delivery of simulators and equipments related to flight simulation: different kinds of flight simulators, radar systems, communication and navigation systems, etc.

ils laboratoria

Aviation laboratories:
we provide solutions for complex realization and deliveries of aviation devices, systems and units such as: aircrafts, avionics, photogrammetric devices, ground laser scanning devices, aviation laser scanning systems and devices, GNSS systems, etc.

technicke laboratoria

Technical laboratories:
we provide solutions for delivery of measurement devices, testing and measuring laboratory equipment: oscilloscopes, generators, analysers, etc.


Medical laboratories:
We provide complex solutions for delivery of laboratory equipment and technology such as: real- time PCR, analysers, thermostats, thermoblocs, etc.

real time PCR

Electromagnetic shielding, Shielding chambers (Faraday cage), chambers:
we offer solutions for complex outfit with special devices and laboratory technology: EMC chambers, UV chambers, Corrosion chambers, etc.

elektromagneticke tienenie


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