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TECHNISERV, Ltd. it offers precision and time-saving photometric measurements of aeronautical ground lights at airports and heliports. The measurement is performed by a certified mobile device and device for manual measuring lights, to him isn't access on reinforced plane.

For customer's provide:
● precision measuring intensities and emitting characteristics aeronautical ground lights
● measuring imbedded also elevated lights
● measuring bulb lights and LED lights
● measurement light subsystems:
- runway edge lights
- runway centre line lights
- runway touchdown zone lights
- runway threshold and wing bar lights
- runway end lights

Device for manual measuring allows discover photometric facilities of all aeronautical ground lights.

For customer offer protocol with advised concrete light subsystems ad effectum ICAO Annex 14 2009 and FAA in the Advisory Circular AC 150/5345 46C.


Radionavigation and flyght checks.

Offer system ILS / DME instrument approach to security aircraft landing system specifically the last lineage Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems NORMARC 7000B in combination with radio rangefinder Fernau 2020 DME. We provide installation, service and regular flight measurement consultation and technical discussion of the project and proposed solutions to fulfill all conditions and regulatory requirements of ICAO.

Within context of flight checks measuring provide delivery and installing a board equipment - consoles Automatic Flight Inspection System. Board console has software support, allows simple setting device before flight check also measuring. Results immediately be around, whereby ascension are digestedly worked measuring protocols with graphical illustration process measured value (parameters). Console dispatch the certificate EASA and FAA.

Board console allows flight checks measuring cited aeronautical ground device:

● ILS Categories I, II, and III● VHF Communications
● 75 MHz Marker Beacon● VASI / PAPI


Avionics, photogrammetry, laserscan.

TECHNISERV, Ltd. offers solution for complex realization and delivery aircraft furnished, systems and instruments:

● aeroplanes and avionics
● photogrammetric devices
● ground laserscan devices
● air laserscan devices and systemsLietadlá, avionika, fotogrametrické zariadenia


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