TECHNISERV, Ltd., provides the solutions, which are the support by protection of property, persons, cap the increase of security in buildings and area. We are able to verify the customer´s requirements looking for the complex solutions and systems integration.

Access Control System
is important safety factor, which protects before undesirable input to the building and area, behind with is related the protection of property, property and final implication persons too. Between important facilities of Access Control System belongs the communication with Central Protection Panel and control different subsidiary facilities (doors, windows and so on). Access Control System insures the needed measures automatically - notice of alarm, recall the police, or arrival of safety agency.

Fire Alarm System
is technological system controlled with central office, to which is connected several boxes of different types and other additional facilities. Task of fire alarm system is to record and evaluate the arose fire, to send the appropriate information to the places of stable control, which ensures the liquidation of fire in his initial phase. System enables contingent recall of fire-brigade unit in case of larger fire. Certainty is to control the facilities, which defends to spread the fire.

is inseparable part of permitted components and systems. They are the eminent components of prevention the crime, control above the movement of persons, machines, technologies and monitoring the traffic situation. Technological part is the part, which allowing the recording and archiving the pictures, evaluating the unusual situations and rebinding to further safety systems. High rate of comfort the service and parametric is inseparable feature of modern CCTV Technologies.

System of perimetric protection
belongs between the most modern safety system intended for security the protection of area and objects. Systems detects movement of objects and persons, achieves to evaluate the rate of violation in safety area. Perimetric form of protection is based on principles of intra-radiance and microwave radiance. Modern systems allows to evaluate the qualified rate of violation, what permits to service to decide early about the execution of adjustments and actions.

TECHNISERV, Ltd., is certificated partner of BOSCH Security Systems, offers the solutions, which verifies the most difficult requirements to modern systems of security and fire alarm system and to CCTV systems in portfolio. Wireless technology, filtration of movement the animals, remote maintenance - these facilities admits the progress of existing technology and market resources of use either.

TECHNISERV, Ltd., solves the systems of perimetric protection of producer CIAS Elettronica srl, which is the leader in existing area. Systems are intended to the most demanding conditions, includes military and training area. The product´s portfolio of existing producer achieves to cover high quantity of shelved conditions to modern perimetric protection.


TECHNISERV, Ltd., is the partner of ABBAS, his systemic solution Access Control System, named as Dominus-Millennium, is sectional system of central offices, is intended for security the objects of middle size. System is possible to complete about follow-up software, which allows the report approaches, approaches cards and evaluation the passages.


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